This page is for the all fairy forms that Aisha gets in the series.

Layla's Winx outfit is a light and dark green one-shouldered tank top and a light green miniskirt over dark green shorts. The two are connected by a light green strap of fabric, held on by light blue rings. Her boots are light green with white heels and reach to mid-calf. On her right arm are two blue rings. Her wings are light blue with light purple tips.


Layla's Charmix is a small raindrop-shaped and a pink waist bag in the shape of a water gourd. She earned her Charmix by conquering her fear of being alone.

Layla's Enchantix consists of a frilly, green strapless top decorated with pink, a matching skirt, and banana yellow above-the-elbow translucent gloves. Her wings are outlined with her signature lime green, decorated with pink pearls, and filled with yellow and magenta. The forewings are as if doubled and the bases of the tailed hind wings are lower. Her hair grows a few inches, gains streaks and is braided around a cyan forehead tiara, before flowing into pigtails. She also wears blue barefoot connected with flower-shaped buttons. Her top and skirt were originally colored blue and decorated with yellow and magenta, but since Bloom's Enchantix outfit was similar in color, the top and skirt had to be recolored. In The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, her gloves are recolored purple and her wings become spring green with magenta ovals towards the outer margins, but in the cartoon, the gloves and wings remain unaltered. Layla was the first to earn her Enchantix. She earned her new powers when she sacrificed her sight for Ligea, Queen of Andros' mermaids.

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Fairy Dust
Layla's Fairy Dust vial is turquoise and shaped like a drop of water with a light green ring surrounding it and numerous blue and white beads hanging from the bottom. The stopper is made up of light green beads and shaped like two leaves.

Layla's Believix consists of a light blue tube top, under which she wears a one-shouldered light green t-shirt. She also wears knee-length blue pants with frills at the knees and a darker blue belt, from which hangs several frills of translucent fabric. Her shoes are light pink and dark blue with light green heels. On her right wrist is a light green bracelet with frills of pink fabric, and on her left arm is a pink, elbow-length fingerless glove. Around her neck is a dark blue choker with several small golden jewels hanging from it. Her hair grows in length, and she wears a light blue headband. Her wings are edged in light blue and light blue fading to medium purple with dark blue bejeweled designs on them. There's also a stem with fuchsia jewels dangling from them protruding from the wings.


Aisha-Layla Sophix
Layla's Sophix consists of a light blue tank top with one blue strap and one light green elbow-length frilly sleeve. Her miniskirt is extremely short, medium turquoise in color and very leafy in design. Her shoes are turquoise platform heels with purple flowers on the front, held on with straps that wind up to her knees, ending in frilly fabric. On her left arm is an elbow-length, light green fingerless glove. The choker around her neck is now light blue, and her headband is still blue. Her wings are edged in dark blue and pink and light green inside.


Aisha-Layla Lovix
Layla's Lovix consists of a dark blue tube top with one dark green shoulder. She also wears a light blue miniskirt with white frills and dark blue knee-length pants. Her shoes are light blue boots with pink heels and pink fluff at the tops. On her arms are dark green sleeves with fluff on the shoulders. Her headband is still blue, and the choker around her neck is now light green. Her wings are now edged with pink and dark green, light green and light blue inside with several light pink jewels.

Transformation Sequences

Layla's Winx transformation lasts for nine seconds.
First, she screams as she flexes her arms, and there is a brilliant white flash. Layla spins and her clothes are replaced with her Winx outfit, bit-by-bit in a green glow. Finally, she strikes a dancer's pose, flies up out of camera frame range and lands back within range, striking her final pose.
An alternative version of this transformation was used significantly in episodes after the first trip to the Underrealm, since she was not always seen wearing her khaki explorer outfit, with a silhouette of Layla coming into focus and her Winx form's main outfit forming in a flash of golden light.

Layla's Charmix transformation lasts for thirteen seconds.
First, Layla is shown with arms down and eyes closed. The camera zooms in, then she raises her arms and yells as her Charmix pin appears. She twirls once, then her bag appears. Finally, there is a flash, and she strikes her final pose.

Layla's Enchantix transformation lasts for twelve seconds.
First, Layla is shown in her Winx outfit. She leans forward while her hair is twisted into style. Then, she raises her left arm, where her glove materializes out of bright light. The camera pans down as her entire outfit is created out of the light. The camera briefly focuses on her face as her headband materializes. Finally, the camera zooms out to show Layla fully clothed while her wings sprout.
Two alternative versions of this transformation exist. One version accommodates the blindness in her eyes when she first earned her Enchantix, and has different sound effects and music. The other version accommodates the change in color on her top and skirt that was used significantly in episodes after Bloom had gained her Enchantix transformation.

Fairy Dust
Layla's Fairy dust lasts for eleven seconds.
First, her fairy dust vial is shown. The beads hanging from it burst into light, as does the ring around the vial. The camera then cuts to Layla, who draws her sign, a figure 8 within a circle.

CGI Movie Enchantix
Layla's CGI movie Enchantix, as seen in Secret of the Lost Kingdom, lasts for eleven seconds.
First, Layla throws her arms out to either side, where her gloves materialize out of Morphix. With Morphix twirling around her and forming her top and skirt, she does a backflip while the camera moves away from her. The Morphix forms her barefoot sandals and wings at the end of the flip. Then, she kicks the air and waves a band of Morphix around. Finally, after twirling several times, she strikes her final pose.

Layla's Believix transformation lasts for twenty-seven seconds.
First, water is shown. Her foot touches of water into it, then creates a circle of water , which rises up to show Layla's boots. The magic condenses onto her boots. After a short pause, the magic continues swiftly up her body, creating her half of the outfit while she spins. There is a flash, then her shirt appears.Then the magic is shown creating her choker, headband, bracelet and glove. Her wings are then shown growing one by one. Layla reenters the shot, bringing her arms up and crossing her wrists before flying away from the camera, twirling. Finally, she lands on the body of water,with a waterfall back ground striking her final pose.

Layla's Sophix transformation lasts for nine seconds.
The camera is out as she appears out of a giant lilly flower as it opens she appears in half of her Sophix out fit. then she spins as her top appears doing her final pose.

Layla's Lovix transformation lasts for thirteen seconds.
Layla appears, spins twice and in a white flash, she appears wearing her Lovix outfit.

CGI Movie Believix
Layla's CGI movie Believix, as seen in Magical Adventure, lasts for twelve seconds.
First, Layla appears on the screen with Morphix swirling around her to create her outfit. She then raises her legs up, where her boots form. Her glove and bracelet are shown materializing, then the shot cuts to the girls getting their wings. When Layla's turn comes, she floats onto the screen with balls of Morphix floating around her. A band of blue magic push one of the balls toward her, where it becomes her wings. Finally, she flies off the screen to strike her final pose with the rest of the Winx girls.