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Sub-transformations: Mini Winx, Tracix, Speedix, Zoomix, Sophix and Lovix.

Believix is an advanced transformation on the animated TV series, Winx Club.

Earning Believix

In order for a fairy to earn her Believix, she should get at least one person believes that the magic exists, as the Winx did with Roxy when she was in danger. Also, though unlikely without have Enchantix first, a fairy can get Believix by believing in herself, as Roxy did it when one of the Wizards, Gantlos hurt her dearest dog, Artú. When most people believe in the magic Believix powers grow more stronger.

A Believix fairy, can use three pairs of wings: Speedix, Zoomix and Tracix. Also can earn three gifs, given by the Ethereal Fairies, both of them, the Gifts of Wisdom and Heart, allows the access to two sub-transformations, Sophix and Lovix. The Sophix allows a fairy be in balance with nature and the Lovix allows a fairy survive in cold climates and blend with it. The thrird gif, the Gif of Darkness, does not give a transformation but allows revive someone.


Believix is similar in style to the clothing that is typically used on Earth. Consists in stylized tops, skirts and pants, long socks, ruffled belts, boots and sandals similar to those used without being transformed. Also includes wristbands, bracelets and fingerless gloves. The wings are large and decorated with drawings related the power of each fairy. The hair is stylized, in some cases, in a similar fashion to Enchantix.


Attacks and Abilities

A Believix fairy can reach the heart of people and help them overcome their weaknesses and change their bad behavior to better. It also has stronger attacks and a shield according to their power.

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