Canta Con Noi 2

Canta Con Noi 2 (Sing With Us 2 translated to English) is the seventh album from the Winx Club series, and the first one based on the fourth season, however only includes the opening theme Winx Are Back, while the rest of the songs are from the concert, that were present in the animated series as background music, or performed by Musa and the Winx in the Frutti Music Bar, when they decided set up a rock band.


  1. Segui Il Tuo Cuore/Fly
  2. Mambochiwambo/The Chiwambo Song
  3. Vita da Star/Spotlight
  4. Reazione a Catena/Chain Reaction
  5. La Mia Canzone/Heart of Stone
  6. Magia di Winx/Superheroes
  7. Quando Sei Con Me/The World Belongs To Me
  8. Irraggiungibile/Endlessly
  9. La Magia di Winx Club/Winx Are Back (Full Mix - TV Version)
  10. La Magia di Winx Club/Winx Are Back (Instrumental)