In this page are some previous concepts and designs created before every season of the main series.


Was the first concept released in 1999. The five main characters where present but with different appearance, also was early appearances of Knut, the Ancient Witches and the Trix.

Later the series got a diferent name, "Winx, Solo le Fate" (Winx, Just Fairies) in 2002.


The diference between her early desings and how she looks in the main series is little.

  • Her daily outfit consist in a shirt entirely blue with a yellow heart, blue pants without the stars.

  • Her daily outfit consist in a green shirt with a sunflower in the middle, a jean (similar to Bloom's).

  • She was named Lisa at first. Later received the name Melody. However after further changes the final decision was name her Musa.

  • Her original name was to be Tina, but it was decided to call her Tecna at the last second.

  • Flora would originally have violet hair and wear glasses

  • Aisha only has few prototype designs.

  • Roxy was going to have brighter hair, gray eyes, her blouse would be the same with a different paw print and the sleeves were pistachio green instead of green water. The pants have another color more fluid.

Fairy Forms

  • Bloom: consists in a light blue dress that covers her belly, gloves more elaborated, dark blue tights and boots adorned with wings.
  • Stella: consists in orange top with a clearer edge on the shoulders and a yellow skirt with orange triangles, both united with an ring (similar to Aisha's), also orange boots with yellow beads.

In a promotional image of the third season, appeared Bloom in her enchantix, with a color scheme more elaborate than in the series, which ran from blue via green, yellow up to pink.

When news of the release of the fourth season came, an image of Winx appeared, where they was transformed in Believix but with small wings, different hairstyles and a more casual look than the one showed in the series.

Initially, the entire transformation would have a gothic look, algon with darker colors in hair, longer skirts similar to the Harmonix, and ribbons instead of tights.

Bloom's Mythix
Some time after the trailer for season 6 appeared, Winx club Rub showed an alternative version of Bloom Mythix, in which her hair is held in a ponytail and her expresion looks more calm.

Mythix 2D Rumor
Also it was believed that as with the Sirenix, the Mythix would look in 2D too. But probably was a montage.