Daphne 6 Domino
Daphne is the eldest daughter of the King Oritel and Queen Marion as well Bloom's sister. She is the former keeper of the Dragon Flame before her sister's birth.


Daphne loves his sister Bloom, and she is always there to give advice when she is confused about her powers or origins. In The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, Daphne shows wits when she gives Bloom her mask to find the secret library of Domino.

Daphne appears to be staid because she appears only in difficult situations but she seems to have a fun side in the second film when, as a joke, she scares her sister Bloom, coming suddenly out of the pool, also she says that raw fish is not so bad.


Before the Series

Daphne was living a peaceful life in Domino with her parents the King Oritel and Queen Marion, and her younger sister Bloom until a group of witches (the Trix's ancestors) attacked the kingdom lookin for the Dragon's Flame. To save her sister and the power of the dragon, she made a portal and put Bloom inside, sending her to Earth, outside the magical dimesion. Moments later she confronts the ancient witches but loses being converted into spirit and later takes refuge in Lake Roccaluce.

Season 1

Her first appearance is in the sixth episode as a voice telling Bloom how to get out from a room in flames inside Cloud Tower. Later she appears physically in the ninth episode inside Bloom's dreams asking her if she is ready (In the RAI dub Daphne tells Bloom just to go towards her)

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