Daphne 6 Domino


Nymph of Magix (Seasons 1-5)
Nymph of Sirenix (seasons 6-8)
Crown Princess of Domino (Season 6)

First Appearance

Spelled (in a dream)
The Frozen Palace

Magical Powers

As a Spirit:
Fire magic
Control over intense heat and flames
Ability Augmentation
Dream entering
Telepathic link (with Bloom)
Decelerated aging
Portal Creation
Nymph of Sirenix:
Sirenix abilities and spells
Power over the ocean and seas
Control over the elements:
Water magic
Fire magic
Earth magic
Air magic
Lightning/Thunder magic


King Oritel (father)
Queen Miriam (mother)
Bloom (younger sister)

Extended Family

Thoren (husband)
King Erendor (uncle-in-law)

Queen Samara (aunt-in-law)
Prince Sky (cousin-in-law)


Nymph of Magix (Seasons 1-5)
History of Magic Professor at Alfea (Season 6)


The Ancient Witches
The Trix sisters
Politea (former friend)

Allies and Friends

Winx Club:

Voiced By:

Bella Hudson (4kids version)

Daphne is the eldest daughter of the King Oritel and Queen Marion as well Bloom's sister. She was the former Keeper of the Dragon Flame before the birth of her younger sister.


Daphne loves her sister Bloom, and she is always there to give advice when she is confused about her powers or origins. In The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, Daphne shows wits when she gives Bloom her mask to find the secret library of Domino.

Daphne appears to be staid because she appears only in difficult situations but she seems to have a fun side in the second film when, as a joke, she scares her sister Bloom, coming suddenly out of the pool, also she says that raw fish is not so bad.


Before the Series

Daphne was living a peaceful life in Domino with her parents the King Oritel and Queen Marion, and her younger sister Bloom until a group of witches (the Trix's ancestors) attacked the kingdom looking for the all-powerful source of the Great Dragon's power: the Dragon Flame/Fire. T

o save her sister and the almighty cosmic power of the Great Dragon itself, she made a portal and put Bloom inside, sending her to Earth, outside the magical dimension. Moments later she confronts the Ancient Witches, along with fellow nymph and Sirenix fairy Politea, who then double-crossed her, allowing the evil witches to put a dark curse upon her mighty Sirenix powers which had suddenly turned against her and resulting in Daphne to live out the rest of days as a disembodied spirit in a sea cave at lake Roccaluche, where the very mystical source of Sirenix itself is kept.


Season One

  • Secret Guardian (voice)
  • Spelled (in a dream)
  • The Day of the Rose (dream)
  • Pushing the Envelope (astral dream)
  • Senior Witches Go to Earth (flashback; cameo)
  • The Frozen Palace
  • The Great Witch Invasion

Season Three

  • Dragon Quest (in a vision)

Season Five

  • The Spill (flashback)
  • Return to Alfea
  • Secret of the Ruby Reef
  • The Gem of Empathy (in a nightmare)
  • Trix Tricks
  • Test of Courage
  • Sirenix
  • The Emperor's Throne
  • Faraway Reflections
  • The Devourer
  • The Singing Whales
  • The Problems of Love
  • A Perfect Date
  • Listen to Your Heart
  • The Shark's Eye
  • The End of Tritannus

Season Six

  • Inspiration of Sirenix
  • The Legendarium
  • The Flying School
  • Bloomix Power
  • The Golden Auditorium
  • Vortex of Flames
  • The Lost Library
  • Attack of the Sphinx
  • Shrine of the Green Dragon
  • The Secret Greenhouse
  • Shimmer in the Shadows (hologram)
  • Mythix
  • Mystery of Calavera
  • Zombie Invasion
  • The Curse of Fearwood
  • The Silver Totem
  • Queen for a Day
  • A Monster Crush
  • The Anthem
  • Legendary Duel
  • Acheron
  • Winx Forever

Season Seven

  • The First Color of the Universe (cameo)
  • The Magix Rainbow (cameos)
  • New Magic Harmony
  • The Power of the Fairy Animals

Magical Abilities

As Keeper of the almighty Dragon Fire, she still possesses powerful fire magic and is capable of creating intense fireballs and firestorms. While trapped as a ghost, she could pass through solid objects and float around for a few hours before returning to her sea cave to replenish herself. No spoken incantations when she was the ghostly Nymph of Magix are said.

Sirenix Spells

  • Flame Spiral
  • Dome of the Ocean
  • Dance of Leaves
  • Rest and Be Still
  • Embracing Wind

Civilian Spells

  • Warmth Reveal


  • She is considered to be the on-and-off eighth member of the Winx Club, the only one actually related to another member.
  • In the 4kids version, her role as Bloom's elder sister was changed to merely being her fairy godmother-like guardian.
  • She is supporting character in the first, third and seventh seasons. However, she becomes a main character since being fully restored to her physical body, due her sister's Sirenix wish to forever break the dark curse upon the ancient, sea/ocean-based fairy power of Sirenix.