This page is for the all fairy forms that Musa gets in the series.

Musa's Winx outfit is a red dress, a sparkling one-shouldered tank top and skirt, with transparent ree fabric connecting the two and covering her midsection. Her shoes are dark red knee-high platform boots. She now wears a purple arm band, with two strings of fabric hanging from it, on her right arm. Her hair, depending on the season, remains the same style, with a pair of purple headphones. Her wings are basic four section blue insect wings, going at each 45 degree angle from her back.


Musa's Charmix is a treble clef broach and CD-player shaped waist bag. Musa earns her Charmix by facing her fear to trust someone, that being Riven.

Musa's Enchantix consists of a red and light pink striped tube top with yellow petal ribbon over one shoulder draping down the front and red elizabethian minstrel shorts. The skirt also has two strips of yellow petals tied at the hip. Her shoes are alternatly yellow or red barefoot sandals. Her hair becomes longer, though it stays in pigtails, and she wears a three-pointed gold tiara. On her arms are pink, translucent shoulder-length gloves. Her wings are gold and purple edged, and white and translucent gold on the inside. From each wing point hangs a purple bobble. She earned her Enchantix in the tenth episode of season three, after staying behind to save Princess Galatea from a fire the Trix had started in the Alfea library that had gotten out of control.

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Fairy Dust
Musa's fairy dust pendant is teardrop shaped and light pink. It is shaped like an orientel paper lantern in blue and red with three strings of pink beads hanging from the bottom.

Musa's Believix consists of a pink tank top, over which there is a red one-shouldered torn t-shirt with jagged edges, with a strip of white fabric at the bottom. She also wears a pair of red extreme mini shorts over blue knee-length tights. Over one hip is a transparent ruffled fabric. Around her neck is a pink choker with a blue jewel, and black tie. Her shoes are red with pink-tint white heels, and bunched tops. She also has a pair of elbow-length, transparent, light pink fingerless gloves. Her hair is longer, with one braided pigtail, held together with a red band, on the right side of her head and a red double wire headband. Her wings are curled at the tops, creating an optical illusion, outlined with red, and is bejeweled on the inside, along with light and dark blue swirling designs suggesting the flow of melody. The shape of the wings hint as music symbols and sheet music.


Musa Sophix
Musa's Sophix consists of a dark pink one-shouldered tank top. Her pants are now dark pink, with ruffles below the knee, and covered by a light and dark green skirt. Her shoes are green platform heels with dark green straps holding them on, and one pink ruffle on the front of each shoe. Around her neck is a dark pink choker, and on her arms are light purple, shoulder-length, fluffy gloves topped with a band of light green. Her hair remains in the same style, although the band holding her pigtail and her headband have changed to dark green, with a purple flower on the headband. Her wings remain the same shape, though are now edged with a lighter pink and are light pink and green on the inside.


Musa Lovix
Musa's Lovix consists of a light blue, one-shouldered top with a pink strap on the other shoulder and a light blue diamond-shaped jewel on the chest. Her pants are the same blue as her top, and connected to the top with light purple fabric that covers her midsection. Over the pants is a white fluffy half-skirt, tied on with a red belt. On her arms are light purple, elbow-length fingerless gloves, with fluffy white fabric at the tops. Her shoes are now dark pink boots with light pink platform heels, with white fluffy tops. Her hair remains the same style, although the band holding her pigtail turns light blue, and her headband now has three white diamond-shaped jewels on the right side. Her wings remain the same shape, although they are now edged with light purple and light blue, dark blue, and another shade of purple inside, with dark purple jewels on each side.

Transformation Sequences

Musa's Winx transformation lasts eleven seconds.
First, Musa dances around on a dance floor for a few seconds, then reaches up and crosses her wrists. There is a flash of light, then her boots are shown materializing out of glowing checkered light. After another flash, Musa is shown with eyes closed and arms raised as her outfit appears out of the same light. Her arm band ties itself on as she floats away from the camera, winged and clothed. Finally, she strikes her final pose, spinning around on a CD.

In the Nickelodeon version, Musa's transformation sequence begins with her floating around surrounded by golden music bars and music notes. There is a flash of light and she appears to be wearing her Winx outfit. There is another flash of light, she appears spinning as a music bar strikes her back to form her wings and she strikes her final pose.

Musa's Charmix transformation lasts nine seconds.
First, Musa is seen in her Winx outfit, eyes closed and arms down. She spins once, moving closer to the camera, then lifts her arms up and yells while her Charmix pin appears. She twirls once while her bag appears. Finally, there is a flash of light and she spins once more, then strikes her final pose.

Musa's Enchantix transformation lasts thirty-seven seconds.
First, Musa lifts her arms up into the air, where her gloves form out of sparkles. There is a flash, then pink bands of light in the form of a music bar are shown flying around on the screen. The bands move closer to the screen, then there is another flash, and the bands, now condensed into one band, wrap around Musa's arm. She turns around to face the camera while floating away and turning to a silhouette. She spins around, then brings the band of light up, wrapping it around her body and legs. After another flash, her body is shown with her top and skirt on, as the golden bands of fabric bloom like a flower. Musa then moves her head through the shot, leaning backwards until her hair fills the screen. The hair moves, and an outline of her wings made of sparkles flies in circles around the screen, settling in the middle. Musa materializes in a flash of light, her wings attaching to her back, then turns around and flies upward. Finally, she flies away from the camera to strike her final pose.

Fairy Dust
Musa's Fairy dust lasts for twenty seconds.
First, Musa draws her sign, several swirls inside a large circle. Then, the camera cuts to her fairy dust vial. The beads on the bottom burst into sparkles one by one, then the cage of blue rings start spinning, accelerating so fast they burst into sparkles. Finally, the stopper lifts out of the vial.

CGI Movie Enchantix
Musa's CGI movie Enchantix, as seen in Secret of the Lost Kingdom, lasts eleven seconds.
First, Musa is seen curled into a ball. Pink sparkles rise from under her, turning into golden bars that surround her. She twirls several times as her outfit and wings materialize. After twirling once more, she strikes her final pose, the bars disappearing.

Musa's Believix transformation lasts twenty-three seconds.
First, a silhouette of Musa is seen, with her gloves already on, dancing on her hands on a dance floor. Spinning rapidly, she pushes herself up into the air and lands on her feet. She does a short dance while her outfit appears. There is a flash, then Musa flies onto the screen again, turning. Her hair is braided by a band of light surrounded by small music notes. Then, several multi-colored spotlights turn on. Musa flies through them, twisting the lights around her until they begin to form her wings. Finally, she strikes a pose, her wings fully formed.

Musa's Sophix transformation lasts for six seconds.
Musa appears waving her right arm around with purple flower petals swirling around it. She desolves and instantly reappears in her Sophix outfit as her wings appear.

Musa's Lovix transformation lasts for fourteen seconds.
Musa flies into view and then she dissolves. In a white flash, she reappears in her Lovix outfit.

CGI Movie Believix
Musa's CGI movie Believix, as seen in Magical Adventure, lasts for twelve seconds.
First, Musa appears as a blue music bar swirls around her, forming her top, pants and boots. The music bar then makes its way to her arms and her fingerless gloves appear. When the other girls get their wings, Musa flies into focus with the same music bar trailing her and it forms her wings and she flies out of focus.