We Girls are the Winx
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Song Information
Featured in Season 1
Name(s) Oggi no (Italian)
Album(s) Winx Club
Magiche Canzoni!
Track No. 3 (Winx Club)
2 (Magiche Canzoni!)
Performed by Lucia Miccinilli (Italian and English)
Not Today is song from the first season played in the RAI version of the episode Date with Disaster. When Musa, Flora, Tecna and Bloom, are in a cooking class, learning how to do omelets.


Not today,
I don't wanna sit around,
Winx going up, feeling all around,
Not today,
Not for all these hours,
I still like adventure,
With my magic power,
But never so high up I fly,
With my friends into the skies