Season 4
Winx Club Power of Believix, Volume 1
Season Information
Original Run April 2009 - November 2009 (Italy)
May 2012 - July 2012 (Nick)
No. of Episodes 26
Opening Winx Are Back (Cinélume)
Winx, You're Magic Now (Nick)
Ending Superheroes
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The Fourth Season of the Winx Club on May 6, 2012 through July 29, 2012 on Nickelodeon USA. The delay with this season was due to Rainbow removed the rights of 4Kids and moved on to Nickelodeon. In Australia, the English version of the fourth season made by Cinélume premiered on Boomerang, a sister channel of Cartoon Network, on March 1, 2010.


The Winx continue their adventures by establishing themselves in Gardenia to earn the new Believix transformation by convincing the skeptical population to believe in magic. Additionally, Believix has three pairs of wings to make the transformation more powerful: Speedix (increase speed), Zoomix (teletransportation), Tracix (time travel). In this journey the Winx also meet the Wizards of the Black Circle, a group of villains who are looking for the last fairy on Earth, with the purpose of become powerful. The Winx must find the fairy first and protect her from the evil group of fairy hunters, but they must act discreetly. To adapt on Earth, the Winx open a pet store called Love & Pet and meet Roxy, a girl who has appreciation for animals and work in the Frutti Music Bar. Soon, the Winx finds that Roxy is the last fairy on Earth, through the season, Roxy finds and learns to use her powers for believing in herself and the Winx Club, she becomes a fairy and helps the Winx to send away the Wizards and freeing the other fairies. Unfortunately, the seven girls must face the fairies of Earth and their Queen Morgana, who want revenge on humans because they stopped believing in them. The Winx make a truce with the Wizards as they now must protect humanity.


Italian Title RAI Title Nick Title
1 I cacciatori di fate The Fairy Hunters The Wizards of the Black Circle
2 L'albero della vita The Tree of Life Fear in Pixie Village
3 L'ultima fata della terra The Last Fairy of Earth Winx on Earth
4 Love & Pet Magic Pets
5 Il regalo di Mitzi Mitzi's Present Ogron's Spell
6 Una fata in pericolo A Fairy in Danger A Fairy Found
7 Winx Believix I Believe in You
8 Il cerchio bianco The White Circle Hidden in the Country
9 Nebula Nebula's White Circle
10 La canzone di Musa Musa's Song The Audition
11 Winx Club per sempre Winx Club Forever Superheroes
12 Papà! Sono una fata! Dad! I'm a Fairy The Pets' Pursuit
13 L'attacco degli stregoni The Wizards' Attack Roxy's Energy
14 7: Il numero perfetto 7: The Perfect Number Bringing Magic Back
15 Lezioni di magia Magic Lessons The New Witch in Town
16 Un mondo virtuale A Virtual World A Virtual Hideout
17 L'isola incantata The Enchanted Island Island Tricks
18 La furia della natura The Nature Rage Diana's Attack
19 Nel regno di Diana In Diana's Kingdom In the Amazon Forest
20 I doni del destino The Gifts of Destiny Diana's Redemption
21 La caverna di Sibylla Sibylla's Cave The Fairy of Justice
22 La Torre Gelata The Frozen Tower Aurora's Tower
23 La prova di Bloom Bloom's Trial Bloom's Challenge
24 Il giorno della giustizia The Day of Justice The Wizard's Trap
25 Il segreto di Morgana Morgana's Secret Home at Last
26 Ghiaccio e fuoco Ice and Fire Duel in the Omega Dimension