Season 5
Winx Club Power of Sirenix
Season Information
Original Run October 2012 - April 2013 (Italy)
August 2012 - September 2013 (Nick)
No. of Episodes 26
Opening We're the Winx
Ending Underwater Mission
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The Fifth Season of the Winx Club was showed up on on 26 August 2012 on Nickelodeon in the United States and on 16 October 2012 on Rai 2 in Italy. Like other seasons, this one has 26 episodes. This season was co-produced with Nickelodeon.


The 5th Season was announced in 2010, as well as the fact that Nickelodeon won the rights to Winx Club in several countries and co-produced the 5th and 6th Season along with Rainbow S.r.l.

The 5th Season was originally broadcast on August 26, 2012 in USA by Nickelodeon and on October 16, 2012 by Rai 2 in Italy, while the other countries arrived as a World Premiere in October of the same year.

This Season was titled Winx Club: Beyond Believix by Nickelodeon (the same way as the 3rd Season was titled Winx Club: Enchantix, and the 4th Season Winx Club: The Power of Believix). The transformation phrase is "Magic Winx! Harmonix!" and later, "Magic Winx! Sirenix!".

Another detail about this season is that it has a closer connection with the previous seasons unlike the fourth season.


In this season the Winx have a new adventure underwater and they deal with an ambitious villain, Tritannus. He was a normal triton, but became a monster due to contact with pollution. His main purpose is to become emperor of the infinite Ocean.

Since the Believix powers does not work underwater, because the low resistance of the Believix wings have getting wet underwater, the Winx start a quest full of challenges and some obstacles, to become in Sirenix fairies and protect all the oceans.

Amazing sea creatures like the Selkies join forces with the fairies in this "Mission underwater".


In 2011, a trailer was released in which Bloom appears briefly summarizing all her adventures and how she encountered herself and her "families" from Season 1 till Magical Adventure and showing scenes from the 5th season, including the Winx in their new transformation and the Trix return as antagonists.


Previously there were many rumors about the transformation of the 5th season, many images appeared on the Internet, supposedly being transformations of the 5th Season, but these illustrations turned out to be fan-arts.

It was confirmed by Iginio Straffi, that this season would have two transformations: Harmonix and Sirenix.

The official images were revealed in 2011 showing Bloom in the Harmonix transformation and the Season 5 trailer, where the Winx girls are seen in CGI animation as Sirenix fairies.


  1. The Spill
  2. The Rise of Tritannus
  3. Return to Alfea
  4. The Sirenix Book
  5. The Lilo
  6. The Power of Harmonix
  7. The Shimmering Shells
  8. Secret of the Ruby Reef
  9. The Gem of Empathy
  10. A Magix Christmas
  11. Trix Tricks
  12. Test of Courage
  13. Sirenix
  14. The Emperor's Throne
  15. The Pillar of Light
  16. The Eclipse
  17. Faraway Reflections
  18. The Devourer
  19. The Singing Whales
  20. The Problems of Love
  21. A Perfect Date
  22. Listen to Your Heart
  23. The Shark's Eye
  24. Saving Paradise Bay
  25. Battle for the Infinite Ocean
  26. The End of Tritannus