This page is for the all fairy forms that Stella gets in the series.

Stella's winx outfit consists of an off shoulder orange top with matching short shorts, tall orange boots, a blue headband, and wrist gloves. Her hair is in two low pigtails with light blue bands. Her wings have three points, are light blue with dark blue tips.


Stella's Charmix charm is shaped like a mirror. Her Charmix bag is round and blue, with an orange circle and crescent symbolizing the sun and the moon.

In her Enchantix, Stella's hair gets styled into a side swept fringe. She has two pigtails high on her head, which are held in place by diamond shaped bands, and she wears a blue tiara. She wears a blue choker on her neck, with her fairy dust vial below it. Her outfit is an orange top, which is held in place by two cyan straps. Her skirt has sections which alternate between large pink and orange petals. She wears strappy blue barefoot sandals that wrap up her leg to beneath her knee. She has pink shoulder-length translucent gloves. Her wings are pink and blue, outlined in orange. Her forewings have red bobbles hanging down from the tips, and her bottom wings curl out at the bottom.

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Fairy Dust
Stella's Fairy Dust vial is a golden diamond shaped vial, with an upside-down triangle shaped stopper. There is a star shaped orange frame with golden stars studded on it and orange bobs dangling from it. Inside this, there is another smaller, plain orange star.

In her Believix form, Stella's hair remains in the style it is in her Enchantix, but the bands holding her pigtails are now star-shaped. She wears light pink wrist sleeves. She has a dark pink band choker on her neck, and she wears a fuscia (pink-purple) sleeveless tank top, over which she wears an orange off the shoulder t-shirt. Her skirt is three layers of frilly white tulle, with a short orange mini skirt over her hips, and there is a hot pink ribbon tied around the top, which ends in a bow on her hip. She wears long orange socks mid-thigh. Her boots are purple heel ankle boots with a gold star and white soles. Her wings outlined in deep fuscia and are colored yellow and orange with designs of stars. Her wings faintly resemble the shape of a bow with ribbon, hinting towards her love for fashion.


Stella Sophix
Stella's Sophix is nature based. Her hair remains the same, though the bands holding her pigtails change to green. Her top is an orange tank top with a green fringe, and her skirt is green and orange wide ruffles like flowers. On her wrists she has light pink wrist sleeves and on her upper arms are ruffled bits of pink fabric tied with a green band. Her shoes are green heels tied to her legs with blue fabric, and have pink flowers on them. Her wings remain the same general shape, but are now pink and green, outlined in dark green.


Stella Lovix
Stella's Lovix is winter based. She wears an orange off the shoulder top fringed with white fur over a pink sleeveless turtleneck (white fur around the neck) mini dress. There is an orane rap skirt trimmed in white fur tied at the hip. She has thick orange above-the-knee socks, and her shoes are now orange with pink heels. Her hair remains the same, though the bands holding it change to a white fur material. Her wings are now various shades of yellow and orange outlined in soft pink and have large orange gems on the tips. She also has furry white and orange wrist sleeves.

Is the new transformation in season 5.

Transformation Sequences

Stella's Winx transformation lasts for sixteen seconds.
First, Stella appears on a green background. She crosses her wrists and dances to one side, then flies toward the background. She strikes a pose, then there is a blinding flash of light. The camera cuts to her legs, where, one by one, her boots are formed out of light. Her shorts, top, and wristbands are shown doing the same. The camera cuts back to her face, where she appears to scream, then flies away from the camera, spinning as her hair gathers itself into her pigtails. Finally, her wings sprout as she walks back a few steps to strike her final pose.

In the Nickelodeon version, Stella's transformation sequence begins with her spinning around once and creating a ball of energy. After the ball of energy bursts, there is a flash of light and she spins as astral energy forms her Winx outfit. There is a flash of light and astral energy styles her hair into pigtails then strikes her back to form her wings. After a flash of light, she lands into her finishing pose.

Stella's Charmix transformation lasts for twelve seconds. First, Stella's eyes are shown, squinting. Then, she appears with her back to the camera. She twirls to face the camera, then yells and puts her arms out to the sides as her Charmix pin appears. She spins around once, then her bag materializes. Finally, there is a flash of light and she is shown striking her final pose.

Stella's Enchantix transformation lasts for thirty-seven seconds.
First, Stella is shown with her eyes closed while two ribbons of pink move across the screen. Then, Stella turns around once, her tiara materializing while her pigtails grow. A ray of light shines down on her, and her hair pales. Her body surrounded with sparkles, she lifts up one arm while pink ribbons turn into her glove. She does the same with her other arm. Orange fills the screen, then the camera zooms out to show the orange forming her top. Her fairy dust vial, the star shape on her chest, forms before the camera pans down to show more sparkles. The sparkles then transform into her skirt. Stella then raises her feet, where her barefoot sandals appear. She flies away from the camera, then her wings are shown sprouting. There is a flash of light, then Stella appears again, blowing a kiss of sparkles to the camera. Finally, she strikes two poses.

Fairy Dust
Stella's fairy dust lasts for thirty seconds.
First, her fairy dust pendant is shown while sparkles begin to fly up the screen. The four jewels hanging from the pendant start to shake. They turn white, then, one by one, burst into sparkles. The two orange stars on her pendant begin to spin, then disappear while the stopper is lifted out of the vial. There is a flash of light, then Stella appears, holding the vial. Finally, she draws her sign, a five-pointed star.

CGI Movie Enchantix
Stella's CGI movie Enchantix, as seen in Secret of the Lost Kingdom, lasts for sixteen seconds.
First, there is a flash of bluish-white light. Stella appears as the light winds around her. Then, the light condenses into her hands. She holds it for a second, then lets it go in a shower of sparkles. The sparkles shoot back up her arms, forming her gloves. More sparkles materialize into her outfit as she curls up, hugging her legs to her chest. Her wings sprout while she is in this position. Finally, she straightens and strikes her final pose, shouting her name.

Stella's Believix transformation lasts for thirty seconds.
First, a bright blue light flies across the screen. It then joins a silhouette of the same color, which flies out of view. The light wavers for a second, then disappears, showing Stella's pigtails, head and face. Her star barrettes appear in small flashes of sparkles, then Stella moves away from the camera. Her hand appears on the screen as blue light and gold stars form her first fingerless glove. She raises her other hand, while her hair swirls around her, while her other glove appears. She then turns while the blue light and stars form her top and skirt. She does a front flip in midair while her boots appear. There is a flash of light, then Stella appears again, holding the blue light. She turns around while the light surrounds her in a cocoon of sorts. The cocoon of light reshapes itself to show her wings sprouting. Finally, in a bright flash of light, the blue light lifts off Stella, revealing her in her final pose, wings flapping.

Stella's Sophix transformation lasts for eight seconds.
Stella is first seen facing the back, she turns to right to face front as dissolves as the giant flower behind her opens and she reappears in her Sophix outfit.

Stella's Lovix transformation lasts for fourteen seconds.
Stella flies into view, turning twice before she dissolves and in a white flash, she reappears turning once in her Lovix outfit.

CGI Movie Believix
Stella's CGI movie Believix, as seen in Magical Adventure, lasts for eighteen seconds.
First, Stella is seen with her skirt already on. She throws her arms back while her top and gloves appear out of sparkles. Then, the camera shows her boots materializing. She strikes a pose, then her hair is briefly shown. After Flora's wings materialize, Stella flies onto the screen and spins around a couple times, her wings appearing.