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Stormy is one of the antagonists in the series.

Personality Profile

A young witch (she's the youngest of the Trix) described as the "Queen of Storms" (regina delle tempeste). Her temper matches her name; Stormy is extremely proud, ill-tempered and is somewhat immature. Stormy is known for her frizzy hair shaped like a storm cloud. She secretly believes herself to be stronger than Icy but this is unlikely.


In her standard form she wears a maroon crop-top with a metal loop decoration attaching the shirt to a loop around her neck. Other than this, her top is strapless. She also wears a shiny maroon mini-skirt and maroon platform high-heeled sandles. In her witch form, Stormy wears a maroon dress with the letter "S" embossed at the middle of her outfit with matching maroon fingerless gloves, tights, and high-heeled boots. Like her older sisters, she wears eye makeup of the color of her witch outfit and a choker at the neck. Her Gloomix is a swirly purple arm piece with a diamond on the end that replaces her right glove.

Powers Stormy creates and controls storms, thus deriving a pun from her name. She draws her powers from the storms and the wind. Her most used attacks are:

  • Double Tornado
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Hurricane (Gloomix)
  • Tornado Sphere (Disenchantix)
  • Psycho-clone

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