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The Trix are a group of antagonists in the fictional series Winx Club. They are known as "The Senior Witches", or more commonly just "The Witches", in the English version. They consist of three teenage witches - Icy, their leader, Darcy, and Stormy. For most of the first season, they attend the Cloud Tower School For Witches.

  • Icy: A young witch described as having a "heart of ice" (cuore di ghiaccio). She is the ruthless leader of the Trix and wishes to rule the universe. The name Icy suits her perfectly, describing her powers and her general personality. She is cruel for the sake of being cruel, viciously ridiculing people she does not approve of. She attacks victims with freezing rays and snow storms.
  • Darcy: A young witch described as the "Lady of Darkness" (signora dell'oscurità). She is more calm and competent than her sisters. Devious and manipulative, Darcy uses subtle dark magic and illusions to confuse and control opponents. She is good at discovering weaknesses and exploiting them.
  • Stormy: A young witch (she's the youngest of the Trix) described as the "Queen of Storms" (regina delle tempeste). Her temper matches her name; Stormy is extremely proud, ill-tempered and is somewhat immature. Stormy is known for her frizzy hair. She secretly believes herself to be stronger than Icy but this is unlikely. Like her name also suggests, Stormy creates and controls storms.

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