Aisha Magic Winx RAI-NICK This article is a disambiguation. Here go the possible meanings of the word you searched for, ie, items that have the same or similar name.

Winx may refer to:

Winx Club

The name for the entire series and the group of main characters created by Bloom in the first season with Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla and Roxy.

Fairy Form

Magic Winx or just Winx by the fans, is the basic form that a fairy acquires by believing in herself. The transformation is simple, consists in sparkling tops, shorts, skirts and dresses with one or two colors and high boots. Also small and flat wings and some hair accessories.

In RAI version is just the name of the group made by Bloom and thanks to Faragonda the word that defines the modern fairy.

In 4Kids version means more, is the source of power that a fairy has and that identifies her.

In Nick version appears under the name Magic Winx Charmix and with a new transformation sequence for all girls. However the appearance and the requirement to achieve this transformation are the same as in the original version.


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