Winx Club in Concert

Winx Club in Concert OST

Winx Club in Concert DVD


Elisa Rosselli

Release Date

February 10th, 2009 (Italiy)

Total Length





Sony Music



Winx Club in Concert is a DVD musical released in 2009. It also includes a CD.


The Winx Club rock band, consisting of Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna and Aisha, the six magical fairies perform a concert held in animation. Absolutely amazing and unprecedented. Some songs deal with specific issues on the life of Winx. Some video clips are new while others are made ​​from extracts of episodes of previous seasons. The music videos for the songs "You're the one", "Dreamin' in my way" and "Mambochiwambo" were new, while others were created using fragments from the first three seasons of the series.

In the group Aisha is in the battery, Tecna uses a synthesizer (instrument according to his power), Musa, Stella and Flora are in the guitar. As for Bloom, she is the singer and the voice of Musa sometimes accompanied on some songs.

Track Listing

  1. You're The One.
  2. Fly.
  3. Dreamin' in my way.
  4. Mambochiwambo.
  5. Endlessly.
  6. Spotlight.
  7. Crazy in Love with You.
  8. Live My Life.
  9. Chain Reaction.
  10. Heart of Stone.
  11. A Kingdom and a Child.
  12. Catch Us If You Can.
  13. Superheroes.
  14. This Big World.
  15. The World Belongs to Me.

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